The transcontinental railroad

Dodge to build the railroad, and the Union Pacific began a mad dash west. By that time, some 50, Chinese immigrants were living on the West Coast, many having arrived during the Gold Rush.

That year the wildest encounter for most people would be grappling with economic gloom and doom. On one side of the track stood the moveable blacksmith shop where a score of smiths were repairing tools and shoeing horses and mules. Behind came the rail gang, who took the rails from the flat cars and laid them on the ties.

At the eastern end of the project, Grenville Dodge and his assistant, Peter Deysurveyed the potential route the Union Pacific would follow.

First Transcontinental Railroad

Strobridge, when the work was all over, invited the Chinese who had been brought over from Victory for that purpose, to dine at his boarding car.

Westward construction proceeded very quickly over the open terrain of the Great Plains. The Transcontinental Railroad was finished and opened for traffic on May 10, Concerns lingered that snow would make the central route impractical.

Permission to browse this website is contingent on acceptance of the User Agreement. Louis shut down each winter. It had been easy for early travelers to imagine that western wildlife was abundant beyond belief, and that the trigger-happy man who relieved the boredom of an overland stage journey by using bison, antelope, prairie dogs, grouse and other wild creatures for target practice could never diminish their numbers.

Every Chinese-occupied building on the street was ransacked and Chinese residents were attacked or robbed. The railroad established many townships along the way: Once believed to be too frail to perform arduous manual labor, the Chinese workers accomplished amazing and dangerous feats no other workers would or could do.

To speed up construction as much as possible, Union Pacific contracted several thousand Mormon workers to cut, fill, trestle, bridge, blast and tunnel its way down the rugged Weber River Canyon to Ogden, Utahahead of the railroad construction.

Wikipedia material is subject to the terms of use of Wikipedia. Coal had been discovered in Wyoming and reported on by John C. Today the rail line moves through a far different countryside. They were a great army laying siege to Nature in her strongest citadel. Eventually, the Chinese went on strike and gained a small increase in salary.

In another hundred years they probably still will. Durant was a central figure in the TCRR. After four years of labor, this leg of the transcontinental line linked with the Central Pacific Railroad at Promontory Point, Utah on May 10, with the now-famous golden spike.

He then headed to Washingtonwhere he was able to convince congressional leaders as well as President Abraham Lincolnwho signed the Pacific Railroad Act into law the following year. This was controversial at the time, as the Chinese were considered an inferior race due to pervasive racism.

A Matter of Time In the fall of a group of well dressed ladies and gentlemen gathered with much fanfare in the wilds of Montana Territory.

The Pacific Railway

The operation also required a great number of blacksmiths, carpenters, engineers, masons, surveyors, teamsters, and cooks. Cheyenne later became Wyoming's largest city and the capital of the new state of Wyoming.

This began with a ceremonial "undriving" at the Golden Spike location. The Transcontinental Railroad Information extensively revised and edited from Wikipedia and other sources.

Our present time system was invented to resolve the confusion caused for the railroads of North America by dozens of local time standards—hundreds, in fact. Hanging from those [ropes], drilling holes in the cliff, placing the fuses, and getting hauled up was a spectacular piece of work.

The Central Route In earlyTheodore Judah, a rail construction engineer and Daniel Strong, a local miner, surveyed what became the western portion of the route.

36a. Binding the Nation by Rail

Most killing of bison, though, was for the fine leather of their skins, useful both for clothing and as belts for industrial machines.The First Transcontinental Railroad in North America was built in the s, linking the well developed railway network of the East coast with rapidly growing California.

The main line was officially completed on May 10, The transcontinental railroad was built in the s to connect Council Bluffs, Iowa, with the San Francisco Bay and revolutionize transport in the U.S.

Origin of the Transcontinental Railroad The s were a time of westward expansion for the United States. Apr 20,  · Watch video · Inthe Pacific Railroad Act chartered the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific Railroad Companies, and tasked them with building a transcontinental railroad that would link the United.

Transcontinental Railroad summary: The First Transcontinental Railroad was built crossing the western half of America and it was pieced together between and It was 1, miles long and served for the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States to be connected by rail for the first time in history.

Transcontinental Railroad

The term "Transcontinental" means going across a continent and the transcontinental railroad enabled a journey on the transcontinental railroad from the Eastern part of the United States all the way to the Western part of the United States.

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The transcontinental railroad
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